Love Your Neighbor

As many of you know I went on a mission trip last year to Tokyo, Japan, where I got to not only experience one of the most beautiful cultures in the world, but got to encourage and spend time with Mayuko Shono and her family.

Mayuko came to America on foreign exchange and became a Christian during her stay in the States. While in America she pursued her love for art and tied it to her walk with Christ. To watch a documentary about Mayuko’s testimony click here.


Since last year, Mayuko has continued to pursue Christ in all that she does. We have kept in contact and have continued to encourage one another as friends and sisters in Christ. Mayuko has been an amazing role model as she lives out her life fully devoted to Christ and focused on God’s plan for her while maintaining an eternal perspective.

Throughout the infamous pandemic that is threatening the world with disorder and chaos, Mayuko has taken the opportunity to step up and take action to not only help those in need but to be a light for the Lord in the midst of Tokyo. Using her skills in sewing and creativity, Mayuko assembled a team made up of friends and family to produce over 500 masks for the people of Tokyo.


God provided Mayuko with a vision and gave her the tools she would need to make it happen, including materials, help, and funds.

While making masks and serving her community, Mayuko found inspiration. She wanted to reach more people for Christ and have a stronger foundation for her work. She decided to start a ministry.

“To ‘Love Your Neighbor’ is to focus on people who are on your natural path of life. We have a tendency to have big dreams and visions of the number of people God is calling us to reach out to, but one night as I was going to bed I felt God say to me ‘Mayu, just focus on people who are around you like your neighbors, your friends, and your family’” said Mayuko.img_3459

Love Your Neighbor is a ministry focused on being a light and reaching out to people from all walks of life all around the world.

As an artist, Mayuko is always looking for a way to combine her faith with her passion.

“Every piece of art has a spiritual meaning behind it,” Said Mayuko. Her artwork features thought-provoking designs that bring attention to the beauty of God’s handiwork and tell a story about the passionate love of Jesus Christ. Mayuko uses her art as a way to visually communicate God’s love to its viewers.

Through God’s grace, Mayuko has found a way to use her skills and abilities to help grow and expand the Love Your Neighbor ministry. By using her paintings as inspiration for merchandise and apparel, Mayko has created a way for heavenly inspired work to make its way around the globe. On top of having an amazing shirt/bag/coffee mug, you have a great conversation starter. On top of all of this, a percentage of every purchase from the LYN store goes straight to the ministry and will be used to continue spreading the love of God.

You can visit the Love Your Neighbor store here.

To learn more about LYN, visit the “About” tab in the store link.

If you feel led to financially support LYN you can use this Paypal link.

If you would like to know more about this ministry or Mayuko’s work you can contact her by email at:

During this unsure season, continue to pray for physical and spiritual healing in America, Japan, and the world.

Maddison Farris

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