In a New York minute…


If you had told me one year ago that I would be moving to New York City to go to a Christian school and start my DREAM career, I would have loved the idea, but still, would have thought you were lying.

In October, I went to a journalism conference in Washington D.C, which inspired one of my previous posts, “As a journalist.” While at this conference I decided to attend a session labeled “God and the newsroom.” This session was taught by a professor of a small college in New York City which focuses on theatre, business, and journalism. The session was phenomenal and I got to hear from other students who were in the same seat as me. They were struggling in their newsrooms.

After the session was over, I knew that I needed to talk more with this professor about being a Christian journalist. Through our conversation, I learned about an internship that the college he worked for offered.  I took all the pamphlets I could get my hands on, met another professor from the same college and the head of admissions who was able to give me more information on the technical side of the program.

I wanted this. I wanted this so bad. I asked God and didn’t receive a true yes or no, but got a sense that I needed to try as hard as I could to get my foot in the door on this program. The deadline for applications was December 1st, so I had time. I was going to do it. I was going to try as hard as I could to apply for this and work in a real newsroom.

One month later and it couldn’t have worked out better! By January 16th, 2020 I will be moved into The King’s College in New York City, ready to start the next chapter of my life in the big city. It’s a Chrisitan four-year college that offers real journalism classes and an internship for journalism which I can’t wait to be a part of. I have decided to go as a transfer student and leave Butler Community College altogether.

I still don’t truly believe it, and people have told me that I won’t until I’m back home in May.

God works in perfect ways. During my stay in Tokyo, I knew I loved big cities. Because of my time at Butler, I know I love journalism. Because of my work with Extreme Encounters, I know I want to be a missionary.

I do believe that the meeting I had in D.C. was Christ-guided. God wanted me there. If I had not gone on the trip, to that session, at that time, on that day… I wouldn’t be telling you this. Everything happens for reason. There are no accidents. Ever. Yes, bad things happen, but if you let Him, God will use them for his glory.

I don’t know what God is preparing me for, but I am ecstatic. I’ve never been so excited to Live Different.

See you in New York City!

Maddie Grace

5 thoughts on “In a New York minute…

  1. Can your Grandma and Grandpa come visit you, too? Let’s make plans. We are over the moon proud of you for following what God has laid out for you. Please, forgive us for being just a wee bit scared. But, you can do this!


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