Blank Page

Some people don’t like looking at a blank page. They sit. They wait. Thinking the inspiration will just come. It won’t, and it doesn’t. Inspiration isn’t just something that comes to you if you wait for long enough it is something you already have inside you.

The words will come when you are ready to write them. I believe that this is why some people hate to write… they are forced to write about things for which they have no care or concern. remember being relieved when your teacher or professor allowed you to choose your topic? this gives you the freedom to write about something you care for and/or are interested in.

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You can choose to view the blank page in one of two ways. The first is to see it as a roadblock that you must strain your mind to overcome. This can make it difficult to get creative and enjoy your writing, but this is how many people view the blank page. The second is to see it as an opportunity. A blank page is there for you to express, convey, persued, convince, and inspire. Use the blank page to your advantage, think about what you want people to hear.

If you continue to run into “writer’s block” just do this quick exercise. Set a timer for five or ten minutes and do a nonstop writing session. Just write everything an anything that comes to your mind without stop, don’t ever let your hands stop moving.

Doing this will stretch your brain to work harder to come up with things to write down which could lead you to a great idea!

I just thought I would share this quick blurp of inspiration!

Have a blessed day.

Live Different,

Maddie grace

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