As A Journalist

As an upcoming journalist, I’ve experienced various challenges. Challenges such as not knowing how to write a proper cutline or what makes a good headline, but I never knew that journalists had to fight the dreadful battle of censorship.

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I never realized that freedoms still needed to be fought for. No one told me that even with the power of free speech, people would still try to stop me. I never even guessed that the place I was supposed to feel comfortable writing my stories would become the place that I dreaded to go, worrying that my opinion would be judged and my points ruled invalid.

But now I have a new outlook on this situation. With the law of free speech and organizations such as the SPLC (Student Press Law Center) that are there to help with clarifications of first amendment rights, the problems we experience can be fixed, it will just take time.

It is so frustrating to see poor leadership and immaturity brought into a place that is supposed to be a center of learning and growth, yet these students, including myself, are being led astray by the person they are told to trust…

Never would I imagine journalism to be so hard, yet never have I wanted to do anything more.

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