Found My Passion

Have you ever taken up a hobby or activity and just felt right about it? made a decision and felt inexplicably good? I feel that way about writing.

I love everything about it. I love searching for information, interviewing people, and the sounds that come from a busy keyboard. What I enjoy more than just writing is writing with a team. My time on the Butler Lantern (butler community college newspaper) has been so much fun and I’ve learned more about myself in one month than my entire freshman year of high school.

I love sitting with the other reporters- all writing our stories, making jokes and having fun, but I also love the feeling of being part of something big. My articles are in a newspaper! People are reading my work!

Some people flat out hate writing, but in my opinion, no other academic activity gives you so much freedom!

In math and science (which I despise with a passion burning stronger than the sun) there are definite answers that are already proven, written in stone, yadadadadaufheiuygfuhdgfwye. I hate it. You can’t go into math class and have an opinion. you can’t go into a science museum and say “well I think…”

When you go into English class, creative writing, literally anything but math or science, you are given freedom to express yourself, your thoughts and your views. You can say what YOU want and what YOU think. There’s no one sitting there telling you how it is, was and always been. You get to decide that for yourself. In science, nothing changes, but in writing and English you can change the rules, okay maybe not grammar rules, but you can find new ways to say things and express feelings and opinions.

Long story shortened… Writing is a blessing. I’m so glad I get to do it. Writing paves the way for changing the world. Writing persuades. Writing Pursues. Writing encourages, empowers, and equips.

Writing makes it easier to share the ways we Live Different.

Maddison Farris


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