Give it up

I think we all have those days where nothing really goes our way. Nothing is really how we want it to be, and nothing we can do will change that. It’s out of our control. We all have those moments where we think…
“If I could just change one thing about my life, myself, this choice, that decision…”

but more often than not, the situation is out of our control. That’s hard to accept. we’re human. we want to be in control. Many of us would consider someone we know or even ourselves “control freaks”. I’ve definitely known a few, including myself.

It’s difficult to be okay with not being in control, but handing the situation to God is the only way we can find peace. Handing it to God, however, isn’t always the easiest thing to do. More often than not we try to solve the problem ourselves first, sometimes knowing it will fail. We don’t always know that we aren’t trusting God. Sometimes we drift away without realizing it, and we are ALL guilty of this.

After stepping back and seeing what area’s of your life you are being a “control freak” about, it’s easy to feel guilty for not trusting God and drifting from him so easily. I know I have.

During camp this summer I realized I had pain stuffed inside my heart from situations that took place over a year ago. I realized I hadn’t fully given it to God. And recently I think I was so ready to be on my own and in college, that I forgot how much his presence blesses my day. And now, seeing the absence of Christ’s love on my college campus, my heart hurts for those around me and I realized what a blessing it is to have such a strong Biblical community like the one I’ve got back home.

And that ties in perfectly with what I learned at camp.

“practicing the presence of God”

It really does take practice. To live every moment in the presence of God, understanding and visualizing his existence right there with you in every situation and circumstance.

It’s challenging, but let’s work harder to give it all to God, and to give him the glory, the power, and the honor, forever and ever, amen.


Live Different,

Maddison Farris




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