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Over-communication. Is that even a thing? Is it possible to over-communicate? If it is, I’ve never done it. I remember a time when I had a job at a certain fast-food chain (a truly hard time in my life), and my boss was not very good at communicating. or just being nice. They also were a bit scary to me at the time, so I was afraid to ask questions. I was so afraid if misunderstanding and being a bother that I wouldn’t ask clarifying questions in order to avoid being wrong and then end up doing the original task wrong anyway because I didn’t ask the clarifying question. Don’t do that.

I can remember staring at some cupcake holders for nearly five minutes trying to decide if I should just go ask if the chocolate ice cream goes on the bottom or the top because I knew she had told me, but I forgot! I knew that if I knocked on the office door and asked she would roll her eyes give me a disapproving look, so I made nearly fifteen cupcakes wrong. The chocolate goes on top. I had put it all on the bottom.

The summer camp I work at- our leader would always say “It’s better to over-communicate than to have a miscommunication”. This helped me to not be afraid to ask questions because even at camp I feared people getting mad at me for not hearing or understanding the first time. But it’s okay! we are only human! I was scared that they would react like my boss did, but our leaders welcomed questions! They welcomed clear communication and made it a priority. This made jobs and tasks go so much smoother, and I wasn’t so afraid of just talking to people!

I know this post is short, but the thought came to my mind so I put it to work.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions. That may sound silly but some people really are! Don’ be afraid to ask questions or Live Different.

Peace out.

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