What Do We Think?

analysis blackboard board bubble
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What do we think? Thinking is a bit complicated… Especially when you’re an overthinker such as myself. Sometimes it feels as if all of my thoughts board the fast train to “Worst Case Scenario Central” as soon as they’re born. As you probably know, overthinking can lead to difficulty with trust and huge amounts of doubt and worry. This can make even the simplest of friendships very hard. But what do we think?

Our heads can get so full of all the things we think. Did you know we have around 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day? Some days I feel like I have closer to 100,000 thoughts, especially when I’m overly tired. But anyways, our thoughts can make a strong barrier between what think and what we feel. Thoughts can flow into our heads one right after the other, and it can be hard to make them slow down or even stop. I believe most people experience this pretty often. As I’ve gotten older and gotten to know myself, I’ve discovered that I’m a pretty indecisive person. I’ve been getting the same two drinks at Starbucks for three years, but I still spend 2-5 minutes thinking about/looking at the menu. I’ll change my outfit 2-3 times before I leave the house. I’ll stress about what I should even eat for breakfast that I’ve just given up. I drink coffee.

It is so frustrating when we can’t control what we think or think clearly.  It’s OUR brain it should just do what we say right!? When a thought that you don’t like keeps coming back to you, throwing itself in your face. A couple of years ago I went to Bible camp and the whole focus was “take every thought captive“. To illustrate this we set up a challenge for the campers. The older interns wore bright yellow shirts which read things like “worry”, “doubt”, and “no one loves me”. Then some of the younger interns (like me) dressed up in crazy outfits, got wild props like ukuleles, tree branches, and someone even ran around with a vacuum cleaner… Anyways the campers goal was to catch the bright yellow lie and it was my job to distract them. I would chase campers, tell them I wanted to show them something and feed them obvious lies while I tried to keep their attention. It was hard for the campers to realize what was going on. the rules had been explained, but they still got distracted pretty easily. at the end of the game, all the “distractions” were rounded up and shoved into the staff shed while the camper rejoiced their victory. to this day, that is the most realistic representation of what we need to be doing every. single. day.  We have to catch the lies. We have to stop them before we take them to the gates of our hearts and give them value by believing them. Satan feeds us lies every day. He wants you to be quiet and wants you to believe that no one will listen or care. I constantly struggle with doubting my friendships. Those thoughts are wrong. We don’t need those. Just throw them in your mental trash bin and move on.


Clean out that clutter in your brain this week while we all continue to Live Different.

Maddie Grace

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