Lost Love of Mail

This topic was suggested by a friend, so let’s see where it goes!

I don’t know about you guys, but when I was a kid I loved getting mail! I would always pray that I got a letter from someone, not even caring who. There was something about receiving a letter enclosed in an envelope that someone wrote just for you. The sentimental meaning goes far beyond anything that an email can carry.

Well, not that I’m receiving multiple letters every day from colleges all over America, I don’t long for letters near as much. However, I do have a couple of pen pals (Love you guys!) and I’m always so happy when I get letters from them! I’m sure they feel the same way. Mail is great.

Now listen, mail is so much more important then we let on. I mean, without the post, America would have had a hard time getting on within the government and all through the country. I know that we have the option to use things like email and texting, both of which are much faster. However, do you get the same feeling of excitement when you hear this “ding” of your inbox? you can touch the physical letter that you know the writer touched as they wrote. you can’t experience that feeling of joy, knowing that someone took their time to reach out to you. It’s just not the same.

We’re getting lost in a world of technology. Especially us teenagers. So, I encourage you all this week to write a letter to someone! it can literally be anyone. It’s so much fun! Get yourself a desk set for your cards and envelopes, go get some stamps, and start writing!

Happy Posting!

As always, don’t ever forget to Live Different.

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