It’s The Holiday Season

Hey all! It’s been awhile! I didn’t post for thanksgiving because I’ve been planning this post for awhile.

2018 has been an insane year… I think we can all agree to that. We’ve all had ups and downs, gains and losses, oh yes’s and oh no’s. 2018 Has given us all joy, pain, fear, regret, happiness, excitement, and love. As we bring this year to a close, many of us (including myself) dream of boxing this year, or pieces of it, away and not expecting to open those boxes for a time to come. 2018 holds some memories that we don’t want, and other that we pray never to forget.

This year has been a year of realizations for me. I’ve realized that, if you’re not paying attention, time flies much faster than you’d like it to. I’ve also realized (through a lot of tears and angry journal entries) that as long as you have your family, friends are optional. This year has been a hard one for me in regards to friendships. For the longest time I would feel alone in a room full of people and as if I had no one to talk to but my sisters. As of right now I believe that I am surrounded by friends and family who care for me. I believe that God gave me this experience to teach me a valuable lesson. Family first, AND that I don’t always need to be the center of attention. That was a hard pill to swallow, but I’m glad I did. Through this I also learned that sometimes the people that really care for you are the ones that you hardly pay attention to. That one friend that you don’t see very often, but still texts you to see that you are doing well.

2018 had been full of experiences. It’s been a long year. Thanksgiving this year was different for me. It feels like I’m only just now starting to realize what it is to be thankful and appreciative. The more I see of the real world, through my college classes and work, the more I see a selfish and disrespectful world. I’m starting to see why people say “welcome to the real world”. It’s not a fun place.

Christmas this year has been strange. I don’t feel the same anticipation for presents that I did when I was younger. I guess I’ve just learned that worldly things are not as valuable as many believe. Money is  a man made thing by the way. God sees no value in it. I did get things that I wanted, and I’m very happy. BUT I know that I don’t NEED anything.

I’m Almost 18… Super scary! 🙂

In some ways, I think I’m ready for life, but in other ways, I know I’m not. I dream of college every day, but I’m scared of leaving home. I want to meet and make new friends, but the ones I have are pretty great… There are so many reasons to go and so many to stay, but I think it boils down to trusting God and taking that leap of faith.

So here’s to 2019. Let’s make it a great year. I’ll graduate, start my college career (for real), and become a legal adult. Wow. I can’t wait for the great adventures I’ll get to go on with my family, friends, and anyone else that wants to tag along. Here’s to a year of trusting God, loving life, enjoying friends, and Living Different.

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