Time Flies

So today I’m just going to get right to it…

I love school. Like, I really love school. I love school so much that when I’m done with school, I’m going to pay money to go back to school. I’m a senior, and I’m actually kind of sad about this being my last year of high school. Heres why…

#1 The majority of my friends are either younger than me or just a grade below. The rest are all older and already at a college or building careers. so I’ll be leaving them behind after I graduate.

#2 I have REALLY enjoyed high school whether it be through a Co-Op like LOL (lifetime of learning) or just learning at home, I’ve enjoyed it, and I’m struggling with the thought of leaving it behind.

#3 College seems a bit scary… I’ve already taken a few college courses. I’ve dipped my pinkie toe into the pool of stress, anxiety, fun, and enjoyment that is a college degree. I have enjoyed my college classes, but trying to take them while I’m living on my own and not having my mom right next to me when I freak out because I didn’t turn something in????????? Oh my.

#4 People can be rude. Professors can be terrible and ignorant. I swear my comp 2 professor had never taught a day in his life before teaching in my class. I got an A in that class by the way. Go me.

#5 I’ll have to act like an adult and be responsible. Apparently, I’m not even capable of unloading the dishes into their correct places in the kitchen so we’ll just see how living on my own goes…

#6 I can’t cook. Well, I can make a mean mac n cheese, but you won’t get much else from me. this is not my mother’s fault, by the way, trust me she’s tried, but I can burn water.

#7 I know that I’m a social person, but recently I’ve realized that even I have my limits. I worry about making friends in college. I struggle with the idea that I won’t be able to connect with anyone because I’m homeschooled… I know that’s probably illegitimate, but its a real fear of mine.

So, as I get ready to finish up my last year of high school, I’m hoping and praying that God will constantly remind to live differently for him. I am praying that he surrounds me with friends who share my faith and that he uses me to be a light for those who do not.

Saying that turning this page of my life is terrifying would be an understatement. However, I can not describe how excited I am to go out and learn new things for myself, meet new people, and experience the wonders that this world has to offer.

And I pray that I can do all this while never forgetting to Live Different.

Peace out.

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