Being An Author…

It’s one of my dreams to become a published writer. That’s the main reason that I’m trying to maintain a blog. I want the practice, the sense of responsibility, but most importantly I need to build a platform and name for myself.

Writing comes naturally to me. I love it. It’s a hobby, but at the same time it’s more than a hobby. I guess I just see being a full time self-published author sounds like a perfect job and here’s why…

#1 It’s mobile

You can write anywhere! You don’t have to stay inside in an office, you can go to the library or sit at a park bench!

#2 You set your own pace

No boss breathing down your neck to show up on time or early morning drives to work. You can sleep in. You can work at home.

I know that there are release dates and deadlines but I just think it’s better than an office job 🙂

#3 It allows constant creativity

You are literally free to write whatever you want, how ever you want, whenever you want, and whyever you want. Yes. I made up a word. But just imagine being able to exercise your crazy imagination FOR A LIVING! Amazing!

#4 Always near a tea kettle

You can beat having 24/7 access to a teapot. You just cant.


Thank you so much for reading! Please like and leave a comment down below!

Always remember, in a world full of the same, never forget to Live Different.




Maddie Grace

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