The Big One-Seven

So in just under two weeks, I will be turning seventeen… ANNNNDDDD I am absolutely terrified. I’ll be going into my senior year of high school and the second semester of my freshman year of college. I’ll be one year away from being an adult. I’m scared. Don’t get me wrong, being older is great, but as I get more and more responsibilities I just start wishing I was a kid again.

I’ve already accepted that I’m going to be a single and crazy cat-lady because romance is… well… non-existent for me so far. So yeah, I guess I’ve just given up on love because no one in the world makes me as happy as my cat, Apollo. I’ll be writing about him for tomorrow’s post. 🙂

I’m so weirded out about turning seventeen that I decided to not even have a party. Wait… Does that mean you DO get too old for birthday parties!? whoa.

Yeah, the only celebrating I’m doing will be with my family and going out with my youth group after church on Wednesday the 22nd which happens to be my birthday.

I guess I’m excited to be seventeen but at the same time, I know it’s going to be stressful because we’ll be touring colleges and planning for the great adventures of adulthood… yay.

anniversary birthday bow box
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