Lucky Ticket

So you bought a lottery ticket? What are your chances? do you think that yours is the lucky winner of a huge sum of money? what would you do if you won?

“What would you do if you won the lottery” is a popular “get to know you” question, so, since I want all my readers to feel like we’re friends, I’ll go ahead and share with you what I would do if I won.

So, most people say “Oh, I would donate to charity” but I say I would give a certain amount to my church and just let them use it for things like debts or giving more to organizations that they already support.

So, yeah, I would donate but the big thing I want is to go to college, preferably OSU. I would also make sure to set aside a reasonable amount to build my dream house out in the country but also build a house for my mom, specifically with a wrap-around porch like she’s always wanted.

I would also invest a lot of it because that’s just smart.

With anything I had left I would buy my dad a boat and a motorcycle. (both would be orange and black). I would also buy myself a nice car- probably a convertible.

I would also like to travel a lot, specifically to new york/Broadway to see all of the shows. I would also buy a billboard ad and put a random joke on it. Just so people get a good laugh while they’re on the road. Haha.

Oh, I would also buy a ton of clothes. like, a ton. And notebooks. I would buy so many notebooks.

What would you do if you won the lottery? let me know in the comments or email me at

Always remember, in a world full of the same, never forget to Live Different.

Thanks for reading!

Maddie Grace

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