Sweet Goodbye’s

IMG_8277So, this past Monday-Wednesday my sister Abbie and I went to a small town in Oklahoma to visit with some of the most wonderful people in the world. My cousins, Noah (19), Hannah (16), Emily (13), And Grayson (9) Are some of the greatest, friendliest, bestest, most amazingest people around. Aund Jana and Uncle Scott are okay I guess… (I love you guys 🙂

The reason for the visit was to, number one, have fun, and number two, to say goodbye. My cousin Hannah, who also happens to be one of the best friends I have ever had and the person that I have the most amazing memories of my life with is leaving America as an official Ambassador To France. 

Sadly, Noah was not there for the visit because he’s at college learning how to film/direct movies or something like that. (Im proud of you, man!)

So I figures that I would dedicate this post to talking about the fun times I had these past few days with Hannah and Emily.

Since Hannah will be gone for the whole school year she will miss our birthdays and Christmas. We decided that it would be best to just celebrate everything all at once before she left!

Our visit went a bit like this:

We arrived at their house around 2-3 o’clock on monday afternoon and almost immediately went to the local coffee shop where we laughed, drank coffee, laughed some more, played card games, and drank more coffee. We left the Coffee house at ten and went home to sleep in preparation for our big plans the next day. Tuesday morning we wake up to a wonderful breakfast of biscuits and the famous Farris chocolate gravy. We then left the house headed north toward the Oklahoma City Science Museum. We had an absolute blast at the museum! here are some of my favorite pictures…

After the science museum we had some fun shopping for each other’s Christmas presents in the Penn Square Mall. After getting coffe, shopping, more coffee, more shopping, trying Dragons Breath, and shopping some more we headed down to Red Robbing for our Birthday dinner. At dinner we enjoyed giving toasts, exchanging our Christmas gifts, openening some cute birthday favors from the amazing Aunt Jana, and eating some free birthday ice cream. The next morning we went to breakfast with the grandparents, and that afternoon had lunch at the Rotary where Hannah gave a presentation about an exchange preperation camp she attended for two weeks. After lunch we went back to the local coffee house untill it was time to go home.

Saying goodbye is hard. I saved my tears for later of course, but to be honest they were a mix of happy and sad tears, Yes, I am very sad that my bestie will be across the ocean and that I wont be able to talk to her much, and yes I am sad that she wont be at the family christmas and thanksgiving. However, I cannot explain with any words that I know how proud I am of this girl for taking such a huge step in her Life.


Hannah, I hope you have a wonderful time in France learning about the language and culture of their beautiful country. I hope that you learn more about the world, but also about yourself, things that only new expiriences like this can teach you. I hope that you’re dream of seeing the world comes true. I’ll be praying for you every step of the way. Always remember, In a world full of the same, never forget to Live Different


P.S- If you would like to keep up with Hannah’s adventures in these far away lands, go check out her blog “FarrisInFrance”


2 thoughts on “Sweet Goodbye’s

  1. I LOVE YOU GIRLLLLL. Thank you so much for these cute lil words and the encouragement and prayers!!! (also the shoutout was a nice bonus 🙂 ). I’m excited to see how you grow this year as well. I’ll be thinking of you!! ♥️♥️

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