Define “Normal”

Normal. Nor~mal. /ˈnôrməl/. Noun.

“conforming to a standard; usual, typical, or expected.”

What is “Normal”? what does a “normal” person look like? In so many movies I have heard the line “I just want to be a normal person!”. But what is the definition of a normal person?

Conforming to a standard. okay, so a “normal” person follows the rules and stays in line.

Usual. Alright. this is one of the many things that I am not. I wouldn’t consider myself a usual person, and not just based on my appearance. have you ever met me? then you understand.

Typical. Haha! Nope, not me.

Expected… I don’t think I ever do what anyone would expect #spontainious, but hey, I like to keep people guessing.

grayscale photography of people
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But let’s get real. I have said many times that I just wish I looked normal because guess what? Being different is HARD. Like, REALLY HARD, especially for insecure teenage girls who cry over literally EVERYTHING. But what do people mean when they say they want to be normal!?!?!??!?!?!??

So the definition of normal says “conforming to a standard” but, for people in general, is being “normal” a standard in itself? Just for the argument, let’s say it is. Let’s say that being normal is a social standard, meaning you have the option to conform. If being normal is a social standard, then wouldn’t all people who conformed be… the same? And those who have no choice but to stick out, such as myself, and those who just want to rebel are considered “abnormal”. I don’t like this.

In my opinion, all people are so different, races are so diverse, facial features vary is SOOOOOOOOOO many different ways that even if we all acted the same, how could there be any such thing as “normal”?

NORMAL IS IMPOSSIBLE! we are all so uniquely and beautifully created all in different ways. We are all given special talents and gifts that God has given us. Why on earth would we listen to the world and say, “I just wish I could be like those people” When we should all be thanking God that we don’t all look the same!

I’m Maddie Grace, and I’m proud to say that you’ll never find another person like me.

In a world full of the same, never forget to Live Different.






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