5 Reasons Why I Love Writing

Here are five big reasons why I love to write!

#1 Writing is EXPRESSIVE

Expressive means; effectively conveying thought or feeling. For me, writing is a way to write down and describe what’s too hard for me to say. I highly recommend keeping a journal to write down your thoughts and emotions. Doing this really helps me to overcome whatever obstacle I’m dealing with.

#2 I am in CONTROL

While I’m writing my fiction novel, I am in complete control of everything that happens. While I’m working on my Self Acceptance book, I am in control of what my readers see. When my life seems absolutely uncontrollable, I always know that I can go back to my writing and enjoy being in charge.

#3 I find it RELAXING

To me, there is almost nothing better than sitting down at my desk with my laptop, notebook, favorite pen, some hot tea, and a nice pitter-patter of raindrops hitting my window. Just sitting down and creating my own stories and knowing that these ideas were mine! all mine! It’s a wonderful feeling to have.

Also, the best tea ever is peppermint tea with honey.

#4 It stretches your IMAGINATION and strengthens your MIND

Writing exercises your brain and challenges YOU to come up with sentences and paragraphs of original ideas. if your writing fiction, that is. Writing non-fiction requires research and research means learning!

#5 It frees me from REALITY

let’s be honest, the world sucks. It’s full of bad things happening to good people and bad people doing bad things and good people trying to stop the bad people and the bad people being stopped but not for long and OH! It’s a mess. But writing… writing is beautiful! writing requires attention, and this takes your mind away to a magical world where everything is exactly like YOU want it to be! what could be better!?

Thank yous o much for reading! and remember to always Live Different!

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com


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