Perfect Design

You guys, the human body is amazing, and its perfect design reflects back to its perfect creator.

I’m inspired to write about this because almost exactly three weeks ago, I was playing volleyball in a gym and, thanks to my overly competitive spirit, I fell on my knee really hard trying to save the ball (didn’t save it). INSTEAD, I ended up tearing a hold in my favorite pants AND bleeding through them. The damage was about the size of a quarter and, like most things do, it felt way worse the next day.

So, it’s been about three weeks and it’s almost completely healed. I can tell you right now that I’ll probably have a scar there for the rest of my life, but how amazing is it that in such a short amount of time it has almost completely healed itself!

I was just so inspired by how much our bodies can handle. I know that there are things way worse than a scraped knee, but it was just so cool to see God’s work in action. So, instead of looking at a scar and thinking of the damage that was done, think of the healing that took place afterward.

God designed us so perfectly that when we get a cut or scrape our bodies can completely replace all of the cells that were involved. Within seconds of an injury, your body is already trying to heal itself!

This week I encourage you to keep an eye out for God’s work in your life, and others. Its so amazing to experience how close He is to us, even though we can’t see him.

As always… In a world full of the same, never forget to Live Different.


Time Flies

So today I’m just going to get right to it…

I love school. Like, I really love school. I love school so much that when I’m done with school, I’m going to pay money to go back to school. I’m a senior, and I’m actually kind of sad about this being my last year of high school. Heres why…

#1 The majority of my friends are either younger than me or just a grade below. The rest are all older and already at a college or building careers. so I’ll be leaving them behind after I graduate.

#2 I have REALLY enjoyed high school whether it be through a Co-Op like LOL (lifetime of learning) or just learning at home, I’ve enjoyed it, and I’m struggling with the thought of leaving it behind.

#3 College seems a bit scary… I’ve already taken a few college courses. I’ve dipped my pinkie toe into the pool of stress, anxiety, fun, and enjoyment that is a college degree. I have enjoyed my college classes, but trying to take them while I’m living on my own and not having my mom right next to me when I freak out because I didn’t turn something in????????? Oh my.

#4 People can be rude. Professors can be terrible and ignorant. I swear my comp 2 professor had never taught a day in his life before teaching in my class. I got an A in that class by the way. Go me.

#5 I’ll have to act like an adult and be responsible. Apparently, I’m not even capable of unloading the dishes into their correct places in the kitchen so we’ll just see how living on my own goes…

#6 I can’t cook. Well, I can make a mean mac n cheese, but you won’t get much else from me. this is not my mother’s fault, by the way, trust me she’s tried, but I can burn water.

#7 I know that I’m a social person, but recently I’ve realized that even I have my limits. I worry about making friends in college. I struggle with the idea that I won’t be able to connect with anyone because I’m homeschooled… I know that’s probably illegitimate, but its a real fear of mine.

So, as I get ready to finish up my last year of high school, I’m hoping and praying that God will constantly remind to live differently for him. I am praying that he surrounds me with friends who share my faith and that he uses me to be a light for those who do not.

Saying that turning this page of my life is terrifying would be an understatement. However, I can not describe how excited I am to go out and learn new things for myself, meet new people, and experience the wonders that this world has to offer.

And I pray that I can do all this while never forgetting to Live Different.

Peace out.

The Curse of Overthinking

I’ve just felt a need to get this out there. I’m an overthinker and a lot of people don’t know it. I can have a pleasant conversation, but later, I’ll sift through everything that was said and start to think the worst. This is one of the HUGE reasons I hate it when people lie to me, but that’s another post all on its own.

In relationships, overthinking has proved to be seriously problematic. I’ll apologize for things that likely never happened and ask questions like “are we friends?” to help myself feel secure. If you’re reading this right now and believe that we ARE friends, I promise you we are, but I also promise that I have doubted it at some point. It doesn’t matter what’s happened or what you’ve done, its really just me thinking too much.

Along with overthinking comes worrying and heartache. Obviously, if I overthink to the point of doubting a friendship Ill start to worry that my doubts are true and then feel sad about that possibility. This is all very dramatic. There have been a lot of instances lately where I believe that I have no friends. None at all. Of course, the worrying sets in and I have believed this lie many, many times. It really hurts when I know that God has blessed me with many friendships, but yet I still doubt that he has given me any at all.

The only way I know how to explain this is by using the roller coaster example. Sometimes I feel way up high and perfectly awesome about how many amazing friends I have, but other times, when I hit the low spot, I spend a lot of quiet hours wondering if anyone will care when I move away.

Through this, however, I have learned a valuable lesson. Through all of the low spots or broken friendships I’ve been through, there has always, always been one,  very special friend of mine who has never left my side. Through all of my troubles and difficulties, God has sat right there next to me, helping me, guiding me, and never leaving me. As much as I doubt my earthly relationships, I know that I can count on his. And this friendship is one that will only bring courage and happiness.


Thank you for reading and never forget… In a world full of the same, never forget to Live Different.

Dear, Fall…

I just want to say thank you.

autumn autumn leaves branch color
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Thank you for letting me open my window at night and listen to crickets sing. Thank you for letting me wear my favorite sweaters and helping me enjoy my many pairs of fuzzy socks. Thank you for making my favorite tea taste that much sweeter and allowing me to enjoy the beautiful fall colors. Thank you for sending me beautifully chilly mornings and pleasantly sunny afternoons. I’m so grateful for the way you change the leaves to hold so many autumn tones. Thank you for getting ready to look your best for my senior photos and just downright making me happy. To my favorite season, thank you.

Bon Voyage!


low angle view photography of eiffel tower in france paris
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Today is the day that my cousin Hannah is leaving/has left America to be a foreign exchange student in France for eleven months. This morning she said her goodbye’s to her family and many friends.

This marks a new, adventurous chapter in her life as she leaves to explore new places, try new things, and meet new people. I am extremely sad to see her go but I am so much more proud of her for stepping up and deciding to do this! Saying goodbye is hard, but I look forward to hearing about what she’s discovered and learned in France the next time I see her!

IMG_8286Hannah, I am so proud of you that I’ve just given up on trying to express it. You have been my bestie since day one and I know I’ve told you so many times already how much I love you but here it is again. I love you! I hope you have fun eating baguettes, learning French, and running away from wild geese. hehe.

Bon Voyage!

P.S Always remember, Hannah, in a world full of the same, never forget to Live Different.

Being An Author…

It’s one of my dreams to become a published writer. That’s the main reason that I’m trying to maintain a blog. I want the practice, the sense of responsibility, but most importantly I need to build a platform and name for myself.

Writing comes naturally to me. I love it. It’s a hobby, but at the same time it’s more than a hobby. I guess I just see being a full time self-published author sounds like a perfect job and here’s why…

#1 It’s mobile

You can write anywhere! You don’t have to stay inside in an office, you can go to the library or sit at a park bench!

#2 You set your own pace

No boss breathing down your neck to show up on time or early morning drives to work. You can sleep in. You can work at home.

I know that there are release dates and deadlines but I just think it’s better than an office job 🙂

#3 It allows constant creativity

You are literally free to write whatever you want, how ever you want, whenever you want, and whyever you want. Yes. I made up a word. But just imagine being able to exercise your crazy imagination FOR A LIVING! Amazing!

#4 Always near a tea kettle

You can beat having 24/7 access to a teapot. You just cant.


Thank you so much for reading! Please like and leave a comment down below!

Always remember, in a world full of the same, never forget to Live Different.




Maddie Grace

Long Time, No Post!

Yes, I know, it’s been a little while since my last post. Keeping up this blog had proven to be much harder than I thought it would be…

At first, I claimed it as my new hobby so of course, I was writing every day, multiple times a day. But, seen as school has started, I’ve realized that writing all the time can be quite draining. I thought I would never run out of things to write about but apparently, after just twelve blog posts, I was tapped out of ideas! I figured my imagination was infinite at first, but I’ve realized that writing must be a passion, not a hobby if you wish to live for it.

If writing is to be my passion I need to make time for it each day. Just as anyone who wishes to be ever so passionate about the Lord makes time for him each day. I will confess to a lacking in both areas.

So, as it’s the moral of the story, if you want to be passionate about something pursue it constantly. Just as we pursue our loved ones, significant others, and God, so must we pursue our academical and career interests.

I just thought I might share this possibly valuable life-lesson with all of you. Thank you for reading!

Always remember, in a world full of the same, never forget to Live Different.